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100 Proven Home Hacks to Simplify Your Life

100 Proven Home Hacks to Simplify Your Life

Get ready to discover the power of simple yet transformative hacks that can revolutionize the way you approach home management. Say goodbye to unnecessary stress and hello to a more easy efficient and enjoyable home life. So, grab your tools and let's dive into these 100 proven home hacks - your key to unlocking a more streamlined, organized, and hassle-free living experience! Have more easy life.

Here’re 100 Proven Home Hacks so you can just pick up any of them right away!

1.Water your plants while you're gone on vacation

If you need water your plants while you're gone on vacation, fill a wine bottle with water and insert it upside down into the soil of your plant. The plant will receive a steady soaking of water and you can leave with peace of mind.

2. Organize your jeans and other pants in closet

Use shower curtain hooks to organize your jeans and orther pants in your closet. Hang them from their belt loops for an easy way to differentiate between them and avoid having to fold more clothes.

3. Chopsticks as small plant stakes.

Use take out chopsticks as small plant stakes for houseplants. You can use the chopsticks again after this for eating but we wouldn't recommend it.

4. Declog your Stuffy nose by essential oil on tissue paper

Add few drops of essential oil to cardboard on the top of your tissue box. Every time you pull a tissue out, it'ill be infused with scents.Choose one that will help you declog your stuffy nose and clear your sinuses like pepermint,clove and eucalyptus.

5. Iron your Clothes both side at a time.

Remove the cloth cover from your ironing board and roll out aluminium foil on it with the shiny side up. Put the cloth cover back, and iron a usual.Because of the heat reflection from the foil,you can iron both sides of your clothes at once. This technique will save you lot of time and effort.

6. The decor flowers last longer

Adding Sprite soda to the water in your vase will make the flowers last longer. The soda acidifies the water and provides sugar that the plants use for food.

7. Display wall art with soda pop tabs

Hang your pictures with soda pop tabs for a quick and easy way to display your wall art. A screw or small nail should be enough to fasten the pop tab on the back. You can also use glue.

8. Prevent shifting the living room rugs

Attach velcro strips to the floor and to the bottom of your rugs to prevent your kids or pets from constantly shifting the rugs.

9.Kill Mildew Naturally

Kill mildew with a bleach solution. Mix one part bleach to ten parts water and spray the affected area. Clean with a soft brush or sponge. The diluted solution is strong enough to clean mildew and yet mild enough that it will not discolor clothes or surfaces. Pour the bleach into the water to avoid splashing.

10. Pattern Painting on the wall

Use an old laundry basket with circle hole patterns when painting tocreate polka dots on your wall. Just cut out the side with the holes and tape it to the wall and begin painting. Shift the basket piece over to continue the pattern.

11.Prevent damage to the paint or wall

Take clean leather or rubber work gloves and fit them over the ends of an extension ladder. This will help prevent scuffs or damage to the paint or wall.

12.Proctect wall from scatches.

If you park your car in the garage, you can mount foam noodles on your garage walls alongside where the car would be. This will protect the walls from dents and the car doors from scratches.

13.Remove Wax Stucks from large fabric

If you have wax stuck in a tablecloth or some other type of large fabric, you won't be able to stick the entire thing in the freeze. Instead, fill a plastic bag with ice cubes and cover the wax for about 20 minutes. The wax should be easily removed afterwards.

14. Fragrant Apartment or dorm.

Smelly apartment or dorm? Tape a dryer sheet over the AC unit and turn it on full blast. You can also sprinkle some drops of essential oil on the sheet for extra benefit.

15.Clear Smoke from Room

If you already have smoke in the room, wet half of a towel and wring it out. Whip the wet portion around your head in the room like a madman. The smoke should clear within 5-10 minutes, unless your arm gets tired first.

16. Clean your hand bag with lint roller

Use a lint roller to clean your handbag or purse. Ouickly clean the interior of your bag by running a lint roller over the lining. We don't advise eating any old pieces of candy that you find stuck to it.

17.Polish and Shine Chrome Surface.

Besides keeping your skin soft, baby oil can also polish chrome. Apply a dab to a cotton cloth and use it to shine everything from faucets to your new rims. You'll end up with shiny, happy surfaces and a good arm workout.

18.Cooking Oil as an Ice repellent.

Use cooking spray as an ice repellent. Before clearing snow off a driveway, liberally spray both sides of a plastic or metal shovel with cooking spray. The ice will slide right off the oily surface, saving your back and your booty

19.Clean base of bottle with eggshell

Use broken eggshells to clean the hard-to-reach places in bottles and vases. Drop some crushed shells in the bottle, add warm water and a drop of dishwashing liquid, and give it a good swirl and shake. The shells will scrape off the gunk you can't get to.

20.Unclog your drain using baking soda

Use baking soda to unclog your drain. So you laid a whopper than got stuck down there, huh? To get your drain running again (without resorting to chemicals) pour 1/2 cup soda, then 1/2 cup vinegar, down a clogged drain. Cover it with a wet cloth, wait 5 minutes, uncover, and flush with steaming-hot water.

21.Unclog your toilet using dishwashing liquid

When your toilet clogs up, squeeze at least three squirts of dishwashing liquid into the bowl. The chemicals can help to break up the debris. Pour around four cups of hot water into the bowl. Let everything soak for a while (20 minutes to a few hours) before attempting to flush. And if you really want to make sure it work, then you can use a plunger after you let the mixture soak in for five minutes. Might want to wear a mask if the clogging dump is especially pungent.

22.Remove grease stain from cloth using chalk.

Chalk will remove grease stains from clothes. Simply rub the stain with chalk, then toss in the wash as normal. See above for other chalk uses.

23.Clean your blinds easily and quickly

Clean your hold blinds easily and quickly. Wrap rags around a pair of tongs and use rubber bands to them in place. You can now "tong" the blind and clean both sides with one go.

24.Remove hot bulb with tennis ball

Tennis Balls can be used as a handy-dandy light bulb remover. Remove a hot bulb that's just burned out, using half of a cut tennis ball that has the insides removed.

25.Proctect wood floor while shifting furniture

Protect your precious wood floors. Slide socks onto the legs of chairs and tables so they don't scratch the floor when you rearrange the room for the 10th time this week.

26.Citrus peels as garbage diposal deodorizer.

Use old citrus peels as a garbage disposal deodorizer. Keep your disposal smelling fresh by dropping a few peels down the drain every now and again. Flip the switch and enjoy that sweet aroma of happiness.

27.Use a dryer sheet as sawdust Cleaner

Use a dryer sheet as sawdust clearer. This is an easy way to keep your work area clean. Saw dust at a work station sweeps up fast and easy with one pass of a used fabric softener sheet.

28.Use hair dryer as sticker Remover.

Use your hair dryer as sticker remover. A little hot air quickly loosens price labels-with zero fingernail-chipping frustration.

29.Scent your room by cinnamon.

Vacuum up two of the to three tablespoons of cinnamon before you start vacuuming your home. The smell cinnamon being heated up inside the vacuum will scent your home. Yum.

30.Remove Permanent marker using alcohol.

Use rubbing alcohol as permanent marker remover. Remove permanent marker from countertops and walls. Pour a bit of alcohol on to a cotton ball and rub on the stain. Then get some regular alcohol to celebrate your victory over the evil stain empire.

31.Use salt as Salad Washer.

Use salt as salad wash. You can clean dirt from leafy vegetables by washing them in a bath of salt water. Then you can use that salt water on any weeds you have in the yard.

32.Make your refrigerator smell better.

Make your refrigerator smell better. Wipe the inside of your fridge and freezer with a cotton pad dampened with a few drops of vanilla extract. Other uses for vanilla are above, it's pretty useful stuff.

33.Cut grease on hands by rubbing sugar and water.

Cut grease on hands by rubbing them with a mixture of sugar and water. You can then take away the grease smell by rubbing your hands with coffee beans.

34.Scrub bathroom grouts and crevices.

Scrub bathroom grouts and crevices with an old battery-powered toothbrush. Don't have one? See above for a q-tip hack.

35.Keep paint brush side drip free.

Wrap a rubber band around a paint can and wipe your brush on the band and keep the rim of the can clean and the sides drip-free.

36.Improve odor that wafts during paints.

Add a few drops of vanilla extract to your paint before mixing to improve the odor that wafts through the house as you paint.

37.Make comfortable on your back while working.

Make working under the sink more comfortable on your back by lying on an ironing board. Set one end of the board inside the cabinet and support the other end with a scrap piece of wood. It will make the repair easier and it's definitely easier on your back.

38.Unscrew stripped screws using rubber brand.

Use a rubber band to unscrew stripped screws. Pin the rubberband between the screwdriver head and the scripped screw. The rubber will grip the stripped slots like a boss.

39.Nataral weed killer spray.

Make a natural weed killer spray. Put vinegar in a spray bottle and spray on weeds in pavement or boardwalk cracks. Or you can use salt water as mentioned above

40.Universal knife block for all your knives.

Fill an old box with wooden skewers to make a universal knife block for all your knives. Looks trendy too, and if you have a BBQ, extra skewers!

41.Bananas can be keep longer as usual.

Wrap the crown of a bunch of bananas with plastic wrap. This prevents the leaking of fruit gas that ripens the bananas and they'll keep for 3-5 days longer than usual.

42.Keep brown sugar soft by storing for longer.

Keep brown sugar soft by storing with a couple of marshmallows. Bonus: You can eat the marshmallows afterwards, those things keep for years.

43.Prevent leaking icecream from cones.

Another marshmallow hack. Put a marshmallow in the bottom of ice cream cones before filling them. The marshmallow stops ice cream from dripping out the bottom of the cone and adds a tasty unusual treat at the end.

44.Bread Sandwiches Hacks.

When toasting bread for sandwiches, put two slices of bread in one toaster slot. That way the bread gets toasty on the outside but stays soft on the inside. Great for BLT's. It can be a little tricky getting them out, so use a butter knife.

45.Clean your microwave.

Clean your microwave by nuking a stuck to your mixture of water and vinegar for three to four minutes. The bits microwave should come off with a couple of quick swipes.

46.Slice strawberries with egg slicer.

Use a standard egg slicer to slice strawberries to make your prep time more fruitful. For optimal results, make sure you cut off the stem prior to slicing.

47.Clean your cast iron pans with home hacks.

Use a half of a potato, some oil and a good bit of salt to clean your cast iron pans. They'll be shiny and rust-free when you're done.

48.Clean your wooden and Plastic cutting boards.

Use a half of a lemon and a good bit of salt to clean your wooden and plastic cutting boards. They'll be clean and well-scrubbed when you're done.

49.Boiled your egg as golden egg.

Shake your egg violently for 2-3 minutes before boiling. Then you can get a Golden Egg, a delicious yellow creamy boiled egg. Plus you get some much-needed exercise.

50.Clean metal sink as shiny.

Get your metal sink shiny and clean again using half of a lemon and a bit of salt. Scrub the salt with the lemon until it looks as good as new.

51.Storage garlic and onions for longer.

Garlic and onions are easily rotten, moldy, or sprouting. But if you storing them in paper bags with plenty of small holes, they can stay fresh for at least two months without molding.

52.Clean a coffemaker or tea kettle easily

Clean a coffeemaker or a tea kettle by making a pot using a mixture of water and vinegar. Follow with several cycles of water to rinse unless you especially like vinegar flavoured coffee.

53. Preserve your herbs for future needs.

Freeze your fresh herbs in olive oil. This is the perfect way to preserve herbs for your needs in future. Plus it looks cool and makes you feel like a cooking pro.

54. Design a cake with some hacks.

Take a piece of lace and place it on top of your cake. Sprinkle confectioner's sugar it. Lift the lace off gently and you'll have a design worthy of any baker.

55.Cake Cutting perfectly with hot knife.

Use a hot knife to slice cake perfectly. Run your knife underneath the hot water before cutting your cake. It will make sure every slice looks as amazing as it tastes.

56.Make fruit filled ice cubes.

Use a cupcake tin and sliced fruit to make fruit-filled ice cubes, then add them to pitchers of water or sangria at your spring and summer parties.

57.Preseve pan cake batter for easy and quick pancakes.

Put pancake mix in a ketchup bottle and keep in your fridge for quick and easy pancakes. Plus it helps you control the amount of batter that comes out.

58.Easier way to get small slice of vegatables.

Use a potato peeler to get small slices of vegetables. A lot easier than using a knife and no risk of cutting yourself.

59.Melt guard against drips

Slide a tin cupcake wrapper onto the stick of a popsicle. This serves as a melt guard against drips.

60.Storage,De cluttering and Organizing Hacks.

Buy Velcro strips and stick one side to the bottom of any remote control. Stick the other side to the sides of the coffee table or wherever you want to store them. This way you never lose your remote control.

61.Putting weight on tubes in spray bottles so they work in any position.

Have you ever tried to use a spray bottle of cleaner when there is just a little bit left? It can be difficult to position the so that you can get the liquid to squirt out. Try attaching a metal washer around the bottom of the tube in your bottle. The weight from the washer will keep the tube down in the liquid!

62. Create more space under your kitchen sink for cleaning supplies using a tension rod.

Do you keep your cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink? It tends to get crowded quickly. Try purchasing a tension rod and using it to hang your spray cleaners on. This will free up some space for cleaners that are not in a spray bottle.

63. Cleaning using household supplies.

There are many items that you can find in your cupboards that can be used for cleaning without buying a specialized cleaner for everything! For example, try using baking soda to clean your refrigerator or lemon juice and dish detergent for streak free windows?

64. Use a sock on the end of your vacuum cleaner's hose to find small items such as screws and jewelry.

Have you ever feared that your vacuum cleaner will pick up items that you want to find? Have you ever dropped an earring back on the carpet and just can't find it? Try securing a sock over the end of the manual cleaning hose. It will still suck it up, but it won't go to the vacuum bag of no return.

65.Use lemon juice for rust removal.

Rubbing lemon juice on rust will break it up and help with its removal.

66.Use vodka to clean and deodorize your mattress.

Those who thought that vodka was just for drinking, think again! Try putting vodka in a spray bottle and spraying it on your mattress. Once dried, it will remove odors and clean your mattress!

67. Put a wet towel in the microwave and let it run for a minute before cleaning it out.

Putting a wet towel in the microwave and heating it for just a minute or too allows the steam from the water to penetrate stuck on food. Once you have finished heating the towel, you are easily able to wipe away the excess food.

68. Shove crunched newspaper in wet shoes to dry quickly.

During the wet seasons, shoes can come into the house with a little extra moisture. Try taking old crumpled newspaper and putting it inside a wet shoe. The paper will soak up the extra moisture from the shoe.

69.Sweep your carpet with a rubber squeegee to remove shed pet hair.

Try running a rubber squeegee over your carpeting to pick up extra animal fur. Not only will it remove more fur, it will save your poor vacuum from an untimely death.

70. Putting a dry bath towel in the dryer will help your wet clothes dry faster.

Have you ever wished that you could have a garment that is in the dryer in a hurry? Try putting a clean dry bath towel in with the wet laundry and allow it to take some of the excess moisture away!

71.Wash your dishwasher using vinegar.

Run your dishwasher on a hot cycle with a cup of vinegar on the top rack. It will help clean your dishwasher of all its hidden unpleasantness.

72.Clean your toilet without having to scrub.

Use a magic eraser pad. Put it into the toilet bowl and let it sit overnight. After removing it, give the toilet a flush and watch the ring magically was away!

73.Clean blinds using vinegar.

Using a mixture of half vinegar and water, wipe down your blinds. You will immediately notice the difference!

74.Use a q-tip and toothbrush to clean tiny places.

For gentle and hard to reach places, employ the help of an old toothbrush and a q-tip. These tools will help you scrub and clean in the tiniest of places!

75. Use a kitchen condiment squeeze bottle to remove dust and dirt from small.

Take an old condiment bottle and fit it to the tip of your vacuum hose. Use this to reach small areas to suck out unwanted dirt and dust!

76. Creating storage over the doors.

Are you low on space? Try installing shelving over your doors to store items on. A shelf over the bathroom door can be a handy place to store your extra towels and wash towels!

77. Find ways to hide your stored items.

Whether it be furniture or another method, try finding a way to hide your unsightly storage. For example, use a screen to store your extra visible boxes behind.

78. Hang items on your wall without damages with painter's tape and glue.

Take a strip of painter's tape and use hot glue on the unsticky side. Put your hanging item on the hot glue and the painter's tape against the wall. When you're ready to remove it, the painter's tape will come off without damaging your wall and the hot glue peels off without damaging your hanging item.

79. Use toothpaste or bug spray to clean your vehicle's headlights.

Rub toothpaste or bug spray on dim headlights to remove the film. Wipe the excess off and enjoy brighter lights!

80. Remove residue from your shower head using a baggie full of vinegar.

Tie a bag full of vinegar over your shower head. Leave overnight. When you remove it, it takes away all of the scum that has accumulated in the little holes the water comes through!

81. Using a half of pool noodle to keep your car door damage free in the garage.

Are you tired of bumping your car door against the side of your garage? Take a swimming pool noodle and cut it in half long ways. Fit it against the side of your garage so that your door will hit it instead of the wall!

82. Use a clothes pin to hold your nail when driving it into a wall.

Have you ever hit your finger with a hammer while driving in a nail? Well, get rid of this problem by using a clothes pin to steady the nail as you drive it into the wall. It can save your fingers!

83. Use white toothpaste to polish silver.

Use white toothpaste on your silver to give it the desired shine. The toothpaste will remove tarnish and keep your valuable silver looking shiny!

84. Chipped ice and salt will remove burnt coffee residue out of the bottom of the coffee pot.

Use a mixture of crushed ice and salt in the bottom of your coffee pot to remove the stains that your favorite beverage loves to leave!

85. Use bay leaves to keep unwanted insects out of your house and pantry.

Line your doorways and windows with bay leaves to make sure those pesky little ants don't invade your kitchen and your food. The scent deters them from making their way inside.

86. Use a half of a potato to remove a broken light bulb still in the socket.

Making sure the electricity is turned off to the lamp or outlet, take a half of a potato and shove it down on a broken light bulb still in the socket. This will allow you to turn the lightbulb to remove it and not cut your fingers.

87. Spray cooking spray on shower curtains and doors to remove soap buildup.

Spray nonstick cooking spray on your shower curtain or door and wipe off. The oils in the spray will remove soap buildup on these surfaces.

88.Unplug your drain by using antacid tablets followed by vinegar. Rinse with hot water after ten minutes.

Take a few tablets of your stock of antacids and put them in your drain followed by a cup of vinegar. Let it sit for about ten minutes and rinse it out with hot water.

89. Use vinegar to remove carpet stains.

Dabbing vinegar on carpet stains will help break them down for easier removal. Use a mixture of vinegar and water on any carpet stain. Let it soak. Then, using a towel and an iron, steam the stain away.

90. Remove vomit, urine, and other wet messes with baking soda.

Create a paste of baking soda and water and spread liberally over the spot where the action took place. Let it dry and you will be easily able to vacuum it up.

91.Unclog toilets using vinegar and duct tape.

Turn off your water to your toilet and allow the vinegar to sit in the reserve for a few hours. Take some duct tape and use it to remove excess build up from the jets that fill the main bowl. Turn your water back on and flush. The vinegar will help keep your toilet from needing maintenance as frequently.

92. Clean a dusty ceiling fan using an old pillow case.

Take an old pillow case and toss it over the blades of your ceiling fan and pull down and toward you. This will clean the blade and prevent the dust from dispersing elsewhere.

93. Using magnetic strips to hang metal beauty utensils.

Try installing magnetic strips above your bathroom sink. These can be used to put up bobby pins, nail clippers and any other metal beauty utensil that might be cluttering your counter top.

94. Use dryer sheets to alleviate static electricity in your hair.

Tired of having fly aways due to static electricity? Try taking a dryer sheet and rubbing it over your hair. It will take away the static electricity and help your hair stay where it is intended to be.

95. Use spray starch as dry shampoo.

In a pinch for time? If you need a quick shampoo, try spraying starch in your hair. It works like dry shampoo and saves time and money.

96. Use baking soda to wash your hair, skin and teeth.

Baking soda is an all-around wonderful cleaner. By using it as a health and beauty product, you can have shinier hair, teeth and better smelling skin!

97. Use plain yogurt to ease burned skin.

Don't have any aloe vera around and a bad burn? Try applying plain yogurt to the burn to ease the sting and pain.

98. Use your flat iron to remove wrinkles in clothing.

After using your flat iron on your hair, you can use the remaining heat to iron out wrinkles in the outfit your plan to wear. It also works great on collars of shirts because of its thin head.

99.Use a paper clip or key ring to help keep your pants zipper up.

Does the zipper in your favorite pair of jeans love to show the world what you're all about? Try clipping a paper clip or key ring to the hole in your zipper. After the zipper is up, secure the clip to your button. This will help your zipper stay where it needs to!

100.Putting hand sanitizer on bruises lessens the darkness of the bruise.

Have an ugly bruise that you just can't cover up? Try rubbing hand sanitizer on it to reduce the darkness. It won't seem as bad when this is performed.


After exploring these 100 proven home hacks, it's evident that simple changes can lead to significant improvements in daily life. These hacks offer practical, efficient solutions to common household challenges, showcasing how small adjustments can create more organized, streamlined spaces. From clever storage solutions to time-saving tricks, these hacks empower anyone to transform their living environment into a more functional and enjoyable space. Implementing just a few of these hacks can make a remarkable difference in daily life, simplifying routines and freeing up valuable time for the things that truly matter. Here's to a more efficient and hassle-free home life! More time to have more fun.

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